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Gayriresmi bir mektup yazarken nelere dikkat etmek gerekir. Gayriresmi mektup (informal letter) dediğimiz için kuralsız, istediğimiz gibi yazalım diyemiyoruz. Fikirlerimizin ve duygularımızın planlı bir şekilde aktarılması gereklidir. Aşağıda bir informal letter örneği ve açıklamalarını bulabilirsiniz.

C/ Aire, 30    
30880 Águilas (Murcia)    


1st March 2010    


Dear Willy,


Sorry for not writing earlier but I've been studying very hard for my English exam. Thank God I passed it!


I'm writing to thank you for letting me stay with you and your family last Christmas. It was such a wonderful week that now it's hard for me to go back to the routine!


London is a gorgeous city but I know that a week is not enough time to discover all that it has to offer. The sightseeing tour was fantastic and I really loved 'Mamma mia!', the musical. I miss the long hours we spent having some tea with your grandmother while she was telling us old stories. I'm sure my English is better now thanks to her!


For the last two months I've been making a lot of arrangements and I think I'll be able to move to my new house next weekend. I'm really looking forward to showing it to you!


That's all for now. I must start my homework for my English class. The teacher wants us to write an informal letter to a friend and I don't even know how to begin! Please write soon and tell me all your news.


Give my love to your family.


Best wishes.




PS I enclose the photo I took of you and Kate in the Stamford Bridge stadium.




mektup işaret 1-Sağ üst tarafa adresimizi ve tarihi yazıyoruz.

mektup işaret 2-Mr. yada Mss gibi ünvanlar olmadan sadece ismi kullanarak Dear şeklinde ifade ediyoruz. Soyadı kullanılmaz.

mektup işaret 3-I'm You're gibi kısaltmalar kullanılabilir. Günlük konuşma İngilizcesi kullanılır. İçerik kısmında düşüncelerinizi parağraflara bölmek anlaşılmayı kolaylaştırır. Örneğin ilk parağrafta postayı neden gönderdiğiniz, neden geç gönderdiğiniz vs bilgileri yazabilirsiniz.

mektup işaret 4-Best wishes şeklinde eniyi dilekleriniz sonda belirtilir.

mektup işaret 5- Gönderen kişi olarak en altta sadece adınız yazılır.

mektup işaret 6-Mektubun altına son bir not yazılacaksa PS ifadesi ve arkasından son notumuz yazılır.





Karşıdakini sorma yada mektuba teşekkür etme

…Hi! How are things? /… How are you (and your family)?
How's it going?
How was (your holiday)?
How were your exams/…?
How are things with you? How's your new job going?
Have you (finished your dissertation yet)?
…I hope you are well/ everything is okay.
…I bet you (did / have/ passed them all)!
Thank you for your letter. Many thanks for your (last) letter – it was really nice/great
… hear from you again
… get your letter and hear all your news, especially (the part about you and your parents coming to visit in Spain)
… hear that you won the (short story) competition

Daha erken yazamadığı için özür dileme ve sebebini belirtme
…It's been such a long time since we wrote to each other.
…It's been a while since I last wrote to you. Sorry – I've been…
…(I'm)(really) sorry
… I didn't write back earlier (but…)
…( I haven't written for so long/ for ages, but…
… I haven't kept in touch, but…
….but I've been up to my ears in work
…but I've been really busy (preparing /studying for my exams // with rehearsals for the play
….but things at work (and home) have been really busy lately
….but unfortunately both of us / I had really bad flu. I thought I'd better write and let you know that…


Gelişmelerden bahsetme

…Great news about…
...Glad to hear that…
…It's really good news that (you've passed your driving test! Congratulations!)
...Sorry to hear about…

…Listen, did I tell you…?
…Oh, and another thing.
…By the way, you'll never guess/believe (who I bumped into the other day).
…(Do) You remember I told you in my last letter (that I was going to…)
…Let me tell you about
…Guess what?
…Anyway, you asked me to tell you (all the family news)
…The big news is that (Bob got divorced).Can you believe it?
…One piece of sad news – you'll be sorry to hear that (our lovely old cat passed away at Christmas)
…One last thing.
I can't believe…( I can't believe I've been here in England for two weeks already.)
...So far, I've…( So far, I've been to visit lots of places of interest here, including…

Öneride bulunma

Why don't you…?
Maybe you could…
How about…?


Kapanış ifadeleri

your help)
(Well, / Anyway, ) …
…I've covered just about everything now, I think.
…That's (about) all for now. Got to go.
…That's about all my news.
…got to go now (as I've got another rehearsal in a few minutes).
…I must go (& pack my suitcase)- I'll write again soon)
…I'd better stop/go now (& get on with my studying)
… I'm running out of room =места не хватает,
so (I'd better say goodbye for now).

Give my love/regards to (your family/ to Ben)
Say hello to…
Everybody sends their love to…
We all miss you (too)
…Write (back) /drop me a line soon (and tell me all your news).
…I hope (things are getting easier now) and)
you find time to drop me a line (with your news/..).
…I'd love to hear from you.
…(I'm) (really) looking forward to seeing you soon (in July/on…)
…See you soon!
…Can't wait to see you (in the summer).



Love, Lots of love, All my love, With love,
All the best
Take care,
Much love,...
Thinking of you,





Hi Darren,


Sorry I wasn't able to get to your house warming party last Friday. I was really looking forward to it and I was all ready to leave the house when my aunt from Ireland arrived at the house for a surprise visit!! She was only in town for the one evening before she went to my brother's house so I had to stay with her. I'm really sorry Dazza.


I tried to telephone you but your line was busy the two times when I telephoned. Then I was out with my aunt in town and didn't have the chance to ring again.

I hope you understand. I know you wanted me to invite Yvonne, who you work with. Oh well, next time maybe! My evening was really boring...if that makes you feel any better.


See you soon






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